0100101110101101.org - http://0100101110101101.org
24/7 - Various locations
The 8th of March - Bulgaria; 8mart.cult.bg/index.html
16 Beaver Group – New York, NY; www.16beavergroup.org
The 404 - Canada, UK and US; www.the404.org

AAA Corp – French performative group, and is after the relationship between art and portability, associating public and private spaces, as well as interacting with an audience in any particular settings.
This brief statement is taken from Palais de Tokyo web page
A-Clip – intervention that targeting the audience in the movie theatre, right before the feature and expose them to the films that mock or/and invert the real commercials. **http://www.aclip.net**
Action Against Racism in the Arts (1978-1981) - NY, NY - NO INFO
Actual Size Artworks - a collective of two sculptors Aristotle Georgiades and Gail
Simpson. Their concentration is no large indoor and outdoor public sculptures that usually have utilitarian elements engaging the space as well as the public.
AES-Russian based group, working with in variety of medium and is located both in Brooklyn, NY and Moscow Russia www.aes-group.org & www.aes.zhurnal.ru
African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists (AFRICOBRA) - "Began in Chicago in 1968 as a group of artists who sought to capture the vibrancy and spirit of African American urban life through elements found in traditional African art. Through the years, the group has continued to add new members." Taken from
other **http://cuip.net/~tonli/wit2002/Africobra.htm**
AIT(Arts Initiative Tokyo)-Working lightly and tactically, we collaborate with others when necessary with a view to creating new frameworks and access points for those interested in contemporary art. Organizing a school enables us to develop and maintain a community, nurture future art workers and offer much needed spaces for discussing art and its contexts today.
In addition, AIT curate experimental exhibitions and events, organize ongoing artists and curators’ talks, and work with different organizations including corporate and public foundations.**http://www.a-i-t.net/**
Allegoric Postcard Union-no info
Alphabet Dress-no reliable info some info
Americas-no info, the web link is not working **http://www.americas.org/**
Anarchist News Service-The A-Infos Project is coordinated by an international collective of revolutionary anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist activists, involved with class struggle and who regard it as a total social struggle. Official web
An Architektur-The journal An Architektur was founded at the beginning of 2002 continuing the work of the architecture collective freies fach – a group that had sought, since the mid 1990s, to assess critically the restrictive reconstruction of Berlin and the relevant political and economical conditions through actions,
exhibitions, and small publications.
An Architektur is the exercise of discursive architectural practice. For us, both the critical analysis of spatial relations and the visualization of their inherent
socio-political conceptions offer a possibility of political agency. In monothematic issues, socio-political criteria are applied to concrete examples and questions of
space and architecture. www.anarchitektur.com official
Ant Farm (1968-1978) – San Francisco, CA ART/ARCHTECTURE/MEDIA **http://www.antfarm.org/**
Anti Gravity Surprise – Chicago, IL Founded in 2001, Anti Gravity Surprise is a public art collaborative that performs cultural research. Each year we create and
exhibit multimedia artwork focusing on one social issue. Our calling is to create with the community, to think in new ways, to inspire one another to transform energy
into art. Official www.antigravitysurprise.org
Arab Image Foundation (Beirut, Lebanon)-Since the mid-1990s this foundation has been assembling an archive of photographs from all over the Arab world and are now branching out in the Arab diaspora (such as Lebanese living in Africa and South America). They have bought some photographic collections, especially the remnants of
commercial photo studios that might otherwise be lost or destroyed. Info taken from
**http://photobeirut.typepad.com/photo_beirut/2007/03/arab_image_foun.html**, official
ARC group – London, UK formed in the early 1980s. Some members of the group met at the Slade School of Art while others were studying architecture. All were interested
in making site-specific installation works mostly with recycled material, partially influenced by the DIY culture of groups such as the Mutoid Waste Company. Info taken
from Wiki
Archigram - London, UK was an avant-garde architectural group formed in the 1960s - based at the Architectural Association, London - that was futurist, anti-heroic and
pro-consumerist, drawing inspiration from technology in order to create a new reality that was solely expressed through hypothetical projects. The main members of
the group were Peter Cook, Warren Chalk, Ron Herron, Dennis Crompton, Michael Webb and David Greene. Taken from wiki, official page **http://www.archigram.net/**
Arde Arte – Argentina **http://www.geocities.com/ardearte2001/** there is no English version of the content.
AREA-Founded in 2005, AREA Chicago comprises both a biannual magazine and a series of sponsored events. Its publications and events serve the double mission of
researching art, education, and activist practices within the city of Chicago and producing and strengthening networks among grassroots practitioners. Official
Ars Subterranea - comprised of artists, historians, and urban explorers working to create an intersection between art and architectural relics in the New York City area. Official **http://www.creativepreservation.org/**
Artificial Paradises Bilboard Liberation Front-In the beginning was the Ad. The Ad was brought to the consumer by the Advertiser. Desire, self worth, self-image,
ambition, hope; all find their genesis in the Ad. Through the Ad and the intent of the Advertiser we form our ideas and learn the myths that make us into what we are
as a people. Official **http://www.billboardliberation.com/manifesto.html**
The Artists Village (Singapore)-The Artists Village was founded by Tang Da Wu in his kampung-studio in Ulu Sembawang in 1988 and was registered as a non-profit society in February 1992. The goals of The Artists Village are to promote contemporary art and to bring about a better understanding of contemporary art practices and their
contribution to society. Official **http://tav.org.sg/About_Us.htm**
Art and Language - Art & Language produced a good deal of art as well as theoretical writings, though by the end of the 1970s the group was essentially reduced to
Baldwin, Harrison and Ramsden as the political analysis that developed within the group resulted in many members leaving to work in more activist political
occupations. Info **http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_&_Language**
Art Front - no info
Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth - **http://art-in-hidden-places.blogspot.com/** not sure what about.
Artists Network of Refuse & Resist - No reliable information and no web site
Art Kits International - no info
Art of Change - Particularly transformation of the urban environment and its impactupon quality of life and cultural identity.
Artnetweb - network of people and projects investigating new media in the practice of art. **http://www.artnetweb.com/**
Art Positive - no info.
Artist Placement Group - was founded in 1966 as an artist-run organisation seeking to refocus art outside the gallery, predominantly through attaching an artist in a
business or governmental context for a period of time.
Artists' Call against Intervention in Central America - no reliable info
Artists for the Homeless - no info
Artists Meeting for Cultural Change - no info
The Artists Village, Singapore - Singapore; www.tav.org.sg
Artworkers Coalition (1969-1971) – New York, NY - http://primaryinformation.org/index.php?/projects/art-workers-coalition/
This publishing group has downloads of "Open Hearing" and "Documents" available on this site, key texts of this large, significant NYC artists group.
Asociación Madres de 
ARCCO - Artist Run Centers & Collectives of of Ontario (Ontario, Canada) - http://www.arcco.ca/
a.titolo - Torino, Italy; www.atitolo.it
The Atlas Group - http://www.theatlasgroup.org/
Autonomedia + Interactivist.net -http://slash.autonomedia.org/
Autonomous Cultural Center (Weimar) - http://www.acc-weimar.de/

Bank – London, UK
BankMalbekRau – Copenhagen, Denmark
BASEKAMP – Philadelphia, PA; www.basekamp.com
Beige – www.post-data.org/beige
Beige (New York State) - http://www.beigerecords.com
Bernadette Corporation – New York, Berlin; www.bernadettecorporation.com
Bureau of Inverse Technology - http://www.bureauit.org/
Be something - Brooklyn, NY and other location; www.besomething.blogs.com
Beta Level (Los Angeles, CA) -- http://www.betalevel.com/
Big Hope - Berlin, Germany and Budapest, Hungary; www.bighope.hu
Big Sky Mind ( Quezon City, Philippines) - http://www.bigskymind.org/
Big Tail Elephant - Guangzhou, China
BijaRi – São Paulo, Brazil; www.bijari.com.br
Billionaire For Bush - http://billionairesforbush.com/index.php
Biotic Baking Brigade http://www.bioticbakingbrigade.org/
Camel - http://www.thewatercarriers.org/
BGL - Montreal, Canada; www.terminus1525.ca/studio/view/4138
Bik Van der Pol (Rotterdam, Netherlands) - http://www.bikvanderpol.net/
Black Emergency Cultural Coalition (Begun in 1968) - NY, NY
Blast - http://www.blast.org/
BLOC (Build, Learn, Organize, Create) - Troy, NY and other locations
Blue Noses – Various cities in Russia
Boat People - Sydney, Australia; www.boat-people.org
bootlab (Berlin, Germany) - http://bootlab.org/
Booklyn - Brooklyn, NY; www.booklyn.org
Book Mobile Project - http://www.mobilivre.org/
border=Ø location=YES -http://www.makeworlds.org/
Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo - San Diego, CA
Boyle Family – London, UK; www.boylefamily.co.uk
Bread & Puppet Theater - Glover, Vermont; www.breadandpuppet.org
Buga Up (Billboard Utilizing Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions) (1980-?) - Sydney, Australia; www.bugaup.org
Bureau D’Etudes – Paris and Strasbourg, France; www.bureaudetudes.free.fr

Calc (Casqueiro Atlantico laboratorio cultural) - Navia - Asturias, Spain; www.calcaxy.com

Website in Spanish. The website is a technicolor house party. Bright colored photos. Neon images are beautiful. The blog that is not a blog.This is what they have to say,"As you might have read between a lot of lines the b o o c was always meant as a kind of poetical or ”intimate copyleft diary”.. as a copy left for you, with the wish that you might want to feedback, redraw, contradict, co_propose, .., or just
list, link and loop. as a ping which increases the pongability." while the blog is getting together technically, look to see their continuing projects. (geografia affettiva or L-able..)DK


c.cred (Collective CREative Dissent) - London, UK; www.ccred.org
This link is to a Media Arts page it seems informative and does not represent any one collective per se.

New search: CREATIVE DISSENT Just another WordPress.com weblog Creative Dissent is a monthly night of performances, art, food, films, workshops and most importantly socialising intended as an open easygoing community hub for creative and politically minded people. We attempt to encourage self expression and participation. Entry is by donation.With this in mind makes alot of sense that creative dissent now will hopefuly have a skillshare/workshop/forum. This is an ongoing community cafe/organization in Sydney that meets once a month.DK

CAMEL - NY, NY; www.thewatercarriers.org
CAMEL presents a symposium.
Other websites say, "During their final weekend in residence, CAMEL hosts two days of workshops on real estate,
labor, culture, and organizing in New York City bridging the radical divide between art and
labor. Weekend times and full schedule available at www.thewatercarriers.org. Thanks George Howell of WaterCarriers.org for a gift that helped me get the plane ticket and set up my family for pizza on Friday". DK

Campbaltimore - Baltimore, Maryland; www.campbaltimore.org
This is a dead link for now. www.contemporary.org go to exhibitions past archive 2006 headquarters. Investigating the ghetto and
It was a contingent collective organized for this show and only lasted a little longer. DK

Can Masdeu (Barcelona, Spain) - http://www.canmasdeu.net/
The website is in Spanish. This is the beginning of the Wikipedia site on them.
Can Masdeu is a squatted[1] social centre in the valley of San Genis, part of the Collserola Park in Barcelona. It was squatted by an international group of activists in December 2001, and the terraces surrounding the masia (country mansion) are cultivated by neighbors who live in the neighborhood below, Nou Barris.
Can Masdeu became famous in April 2002, when over 100 national police came to evict and 11 squatters defended the house in positions of passive resistance. Unable to remove the squatters from lockdowns, tripods, on ropes and planks extended out of windows, and even a hanging bathtub, the police waited for the squatters to get thirsty and hungry and come down. After three days of media attention, hundreds of protesting onlookers chanting slogans and stopping traffic on the local highway, and even a solidarity group organising a sit-in in the Spanish Embassy in Holland, the judge ordered the police to leave and the case reopened.

As of 2007, more than 28 people live in and share the house. Community participation includes bi-weekly meetings, organic gardening, housework, and two collective meals per day, and each member contributes roughly 25 euros/month to food costs. DK

Carbon Defense League - Pittsburgh, PA; www.carbondefense.org
The artist collective Carbon Defense League (CDL), founded in 1998, has used strategies such as online map making, workshopping, storytelling, hacking children’s toys, re-labeling items on store shelves, and playing with the U.S. Presidential voting process, to create debate where it had previously been suppressed.
This collaboration is effective in it's web presence. Check out the projects list. Their work is extensive and exciting. DK

Career Day Team - Chicago, IL; www.careerdayteam.org
Career Day is a group that is interested in the socially based practices of art in public spaces. Creating a contemporary connection via creating conversation with action, intervention with others in the built environment. The group composed of four artist residents in Chicago from Europe, Canada, West Coast and East Coast now reside in Chicago.
This is a team who swept Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago. The resulting connection and photos of the event are on their website. DK

Carnival Knowledge (1982 -1984/5) - NY, NY
New off broadway hit??

Los Carpinteros - Havana, Cuba
Los Carpinteros is the name of a group of young Cuban artists that specializes in creating humorous installations and objects. It was originally comprised of three artists, but the group was reduced to two in 2004. There is no specific website for this group. They are active in galleries and have exhibited in their native land, Europe and North America. "We really use Havana to speak of other things,” say the artists. Interesting group!!! DK
Center for Land Use Interpretation - Culver City, CA; www.clui.org
The Center for Land Use Interpretation
is a research organization involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues. The Center employs a variety of methods to pursue its mission - engaging in research, classification, extrapolation, and exhibition. Intro from their website.
external image borax_aerial.jpg
The Center produces public exhibits on land use themes and issues for galleries and museums, and for exhibition in CLUI spaces in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Regional exhibits focus on land use within a defined geographic area, such as a state or neighborhood. Thematic exhibits are usually national in scope, and examine a particular land use phenomena or issue.
The Center conducts guided tours for public and private groups. Usually these tours are led by the CLUI on video-equipped buses, as part of a CLUI Exhibition Program. The Center can be commissioned to conduct specialized tours for educational organizations, if scheduling permits.
INDEPENDENT INTERPRETERSThe Independent Interpreters program is an ongoing series of presentations by selected artist and researchers whose work might be of special interest to the CLUI audience. These presentations are in the form of an evening lecture with slides or films, or as an exhibition of material, and sometimes both.
The Center engages in a number of interpretive projects in the field that are designed to draw meaning from land use sites and phenomena. Many of these projects represent extensions of traditional interpretive techniques, and are designed to expand the methodology into new fronts.

THEMATIC PROGRAM AREASThematic Program Areas are subject categrories that have been selected for extended research and examination by the CLUI. Selected themes are studied in an ongoing manner, with findings periodically presented to the public in the form of publications, lectures, exhibits, or other programs.
The Center operates a residence program to support the development of new interpretive methodologies and ideas. The program is open to artists, researchers, theorists, or anyone who works with land and land use issues in an innovative and engaging manner. Residents primarily work out of the CLUI facilities at Wendover, Utah, and explore and interpret the landscape of that remarkable desert region.
The Center publishes guidebooks, catalogs, and other books addressing land use issues. These publications, as well as selected titles from other publishers, are available through the CLUI store in Los Angeles and at our online shop. The Center also publishes a newsletter, The Lay of the Land, which is distributed to interested parties worldwide.
I am really excited about this group!! I included the project list. DK

Center for Land Use Interpretation (LA, CA + Troy. NY) - http://www.clui.org/
This is the same as above, DK

Center for Parascientific Research - Various locations
http://www.ncar.ucar.edu/ This is a national center for atmospheric research. Hmmm... Not so sure about this collective. AAAALLannnn.. Help. DK

Center for Tactical Magic - http://www.tacticalmagic.org/
Georgia (country)
The Center for Tactical Magic engages in extensive research, development, and deployment of the pragmatic system known as Tactical Magic. A fusion force summoned from the ways of the artist, the magician, the ninja, and the private investigator, Tactical Magic is an amalgam of disparate arts invoked for the purpose of actively addressing Power on individual, communal, and transnational fronts. At the CTM we are committed to achieving the Great Work of Tactical Magic through community-based projects, daily interdiction, and the activation of latent energies toward positive
social transformation. This is the intro to the website.
The activities go anywhere from santa claus t-shirts to ice cream socials. They are an active organization with a bulletin board that extends in to 2008 in an exciting way. DK

Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) – NY, NY; www.anothercupdevelopment.org

CUP creates educational environments in galleries, museums, and other settings to create spaces for dialogue and insight. They have a well developed website with seven serious projects in 2007. CUP creates project-based learning experiences that bring youth face-to-face with the people who make decisions that affect their lives: community advocates, government officials, and businesspeople. Students then work with CUP staff to create educational projects to solidify and spread their knowledge and understanding to the general public. Our projects use art, design, and technology to draw the connections between everyday life and the decisions that give it form.
Yes! What a concept to use the city as a text, to learn about and from. DK

CFU(Copenhagen, Denmark) - http://www.copenhagenfreeuniversity.dk/
Poetic web site that acts as an artifact for, - A Study group that has since been accomplished. DK

Chance of Showers - Chicago, IL; www.chanceofshowersperform.com
This collective is working on a "No" project. The website is black and white and quite beautiful. Here are the artist bios...
Vesna Grbovic works primarily as a video artist, but also works in photography and other media. She received a BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MFA from the University of Chicago.
Jenny Roberts is a conceptual artist and works in many media — primarily drawing and painting but also installation. She holds an MFA from the University of Chicago.
I am having trouble accessing the key to this project or exactly what this group is saying no to. I enjoy the images that find NO in nature.

Charm Bracelet (Portland, Oregon) - http://www.charmbracelet.org
One part of the website is a blog, called the project lodge with an interesting short video. After looking around I see that this site is really a double blog. Kind of not really...This is what I found on google, A roving film/video and multimedia exposition program, based in Portland, Oregon. DK

CHAos (2005) - Chicago, IL; www.chicagohousingauthority.net
This is included on the Groups and Spaces list.. DK Can't seem to find them anywhere else.

Chicago County Fair - Chicago, IL
This family-operated grocery store has been evolving with the Beverly neighborhood since 1964. The store recently increased their floor space, adding a new and bigger produce section. You will find a large selection of produce, including organic, that rivals any chain or specialty store. The on-site butcher shop grinds the hamburger on premise, and also cuts the meat and fish. The full-service deli provides grab-and-go salads and sandwiches, along with the standard freshly sliced meats and cheeses. County Fair has a salad bar, self-serve soups, and a "hot" bar where specials change daily and feature house-made entrees like meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Chicago Teaching Artists Collective - Chicago, IL; groups.yahoo.com/group/teachingartist

The Chicago Teaching Artists Collective is a network of artists from all disciplines working together to build the field of the artist as teacher. To get more information one must be a member. Cool idea=, seems less about artists and more about education. This is a yahoo question answer group. DK

Cittadellarte - http://www.cittadellarte.it/ Italy
"unidee in residence"
This is an artist in residence location..DK- Twenty young artists come together from June to October to work collectively, and live. (DK)

City Repair (Portland Oregan) - http://www.cityrepair.org
...an all-volunteer grassroots organization helping people reclaim their urban spaces to create community-oriented places.
City Repair was formed in Portland, Oregon in 1996 by citizen activists who wanted a more community-oriented and ecologically sustainable society. Born out of a successful grassroots neighborhood initiative that converted a residential street intersection into a neighborhood public square, City Repair began its work with the idea that
localization// (of culture, of economy, of decision-making) is a necessary foundation of sustainability. By reclaiming urban spaces to create community-oriented places, we plant the seeds for greater neighborhood communication, empower our communities and nurture our local culture.

New Projects...

The Village Building Convergence

Working together, we can turn our neighborhoods into Villages - one workparty at a time!

The Depave Project

City Repair is excited to announce the launch of a new project called Depave. The goal of Depave is to promote the removal of unnecessary concrete and asphalt from our urban areas. The removal of impervious pavements will reduce stormwater runoff pollution of our rivers, and increase the amount of land available for habitat restoration, urban farming, trees, native vegetation, and beauty in urban areas. Depave hopes to inspire, educate, and assist through hands-on workshops, demonstration projects, and the dynamic website (www.depave.org)
This collective is moving and shaking. Strong online presence. Check it out. DK
Civic Studio - Grand Rapids, MI; www.civicstudio.org

c-level(Los Angeles, CA) - http://www.c-level.cc/
"C-level is a cooperative public and private lab formed to share physical, social and
technological resources. Its members are artists,programmers, writers, designers,
agit-propers, filmmakers and reverse-engineers. Part studio, part club, part stage and
part screen; C-Level islocated in a basement in Chinatown Los Angeles and plays host
to various media events such as screenings, performances, classes, lectures, debates,

dances, readings and tournaments. This is a beautiful website with loads of colors and layers of projects. (DK)
CLUBSProject - Melbourne, Australia; www.clubsproject.org.au
Update from 2006
This situation opened up the possibility for us to become a more nomadic project. No longer having a fixed address, CLUBS is currently operating as a more event based outfit which finds temporary landing-sites within which different projects can be pocketed for brief moments of time (stay tuned for an update of our archive which outlines what’s been happening in 2006). So far we have inhabited a variety of spaces ranging from the balcony of a shop, the rooms of a local furniture store, a container, and the Ocular Lab artist space. We have also published a catalogue for Mira Gojak (see link above) and launched a book for local artist Stuart Ringholt at Journal café in the CBD.
Here is an old project. The website is good yet a little dated. No current projects that I can find. Most recent is Sept. 2007. DK

COLAB (Collaborative Projects, Inc.) (started in 1978) – NY, NY; collaborativeprojectsarchive.wikispaces.com
'Colab'' is the commonly used abbreviation of the New York City artists' group ''Collaborative Projects.'' Colab was formed in 1978 after a series of open meetings. Throughout its over ten years of activity, Colab was distinguished from contemporary New York artists' groups by its regular open meetings and open membership. Early group media efforts for cable TV included a weekly live call in show with non-fiction material called the All Color News in 1978. The group's numerous accomplishments include the New Cinema screening room for punk and no wave films (1979); the Times Square Show, a large open exhibition near the center of New York's entertainment district (1980); support and inspiration for the ABC No Rio cultural center (1980-82; ABC is ongoing); Potato Wolf artists' television series (1978-1984); and MWF Video Club (est'd 1986). Members of the group presently pursue archival projects like this.
A simultaneous project is the evolving Wikipedia entry on Colab. Check out the wiki! DK
Collective Actions (late 70s / early 80s) - Moscow, Russia
This is listed on Groups and Spaces on their website. Not sure more than that. DK

Colectivo Cambalache - various locations; www.geocities.com/museodelacalle
This website is in Spanish. It does translate to English. DK

?Collective Jyrk (Portland, Oregon) - link no longer works (10/05)

Colectivo Muralista Brigada Ramona Parra - Chile; www.colectivobrp.cl
Again, a beautiful website in Spanish. -DK
Colectivo Situaciones (Argentina) - http://www.situaciones.org/?
Red website in Spanish. DK Cabinet - http://www.cabinetmagazine.org/
Calc (Casqueiro Atlantico laboratorio cultural) - Navia - Asturias, Spain; http://www.calcaxy.com/
Website in Spanish. The website is a technicolor house party. Bright colored photos. Neon images are beautiful. The blog that is not a blog. This is what they have to say” "As you might have read between a lot of lines the b o o c was always meant as a kind of poetical or ”intimate copyleft diary,” as a copy left for you, with the wish that you might want to feedback, redraw, contradict, co-propose, or just list, link and loop. As a ping which increases the pongability." While the blog is getting together technically, look to see their continuing projects. (geografia affettiva)
c.cred (Collective CREative Dissent) - London, UK; www.ccred.org
Link is no longer active.
CAMEL - NY, NY; www.thewatercarriers.org
Campbaltimore - Baltimore, Maryland; www.campbaltimore.org
Can Masdeu (Barcelona, Spain) - http://www.canmasdeu.net/
Carbon Defense League - Pittsburgh, PA; www.carbondefense.org
Career Day Team - Chicago, IL; www.careerdayteam.org
Carnival Knowledge (1982 -1984/5) - NY, NY
Los Carpinteros - Havana, Cuba
c.cred (London, England) - http://www.ccred.org
This does not appear to be a live link. -
Center for Land Use Interpretation - Culver City, CA; www.clui.org
Center for Land Use Interpretation (LA, CA + Troy. NY) - http://www.clui.org/
Center for Parascientific Research - Various locations
Center for Tactical Magic - http://www.tacticalmagic.org/
Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) – NY, NY; www.anothercupdevelopment.org
CFU(Copenhagen, Denmark) - http://www.copenhagenfreeuniversity.dk/
Chance of Showers - Chicago, IL; www.chanceofshowersperform.com
Charm Bracelet (Portland, Oregon) - http://www.charmbracelet.org
CHAos (2005) - Chicago, IL; www.chicagohousingauthority.net
Chicago County Fair - Chicago, IL
Chicago Teaching Artists Collective - Chicago, IL; groups.yahoo.com/group/teachingartist
Cittadellarte - http://www.cittadellarte.it/
City Repair (Portland Oregan) - http://www.cityrepair.org/
Civic Studio - Grand Rapids, MI; www.civicstudio.org
c-level(Los Angeles, CA) - http://www.c-level.cc/
CLUBSProject - Melbourne, Australia; www.clubsproject.org.au
COLAB (Collaborative Projects, Inc.) (started in 1978) – NY, NY; collaborativeprojectsarchive.wikispaces.com
Collective Actions (late 70s / early 80s) - Moscow, Russia
Colectivo Cambalache - various locations; www.geocities.com/museodelacalle
Collective Jyrk (Portland, Oregon) - link no longer works (10/05)
Colectivo Muralista Brigada Ramona Parra - Chile; www.colectivobrp.cl
Colectivo Situaciones (Argentina) - http://www.situaciones.org/
Common Places & Center for Getting Ugly - Tampa, FL; commonplacesproject.org
Commons Service Group - Grenoble, France; www.ecoledumagasin.com/csg
Conglomco - http://www.conglomco.org/
Conservas - Barcelona, Spain; www.conservas.tk
Contra Filé - São Paulo, Brazil
CONSTANT (Brussels, Belgium)- http://www.constantvzw.com/
Contrast - http://www.contrast.org/
Copenhagen Free University – Copenhagen, Denmark; www.copenhagenfreeuniversity.dk
Counter Productive Industries (Chicago, IL)- http://www.counterproductiveindustries.com/tour
Cremer Projects- London UK

Only one artists name appears on
this website, Juan delGado, he
appears to have been active in
exhibitions as late as 2007. Here
is the statement on the homepage:

  • Cremer Projects is a
non-for-profit association with the aim for supporting and
developing the career of disabled artists working in new media,
photography and sound.

It seems that this group focuses
on not being organized and living
out and acting on the daydreams
of anarchy by not voting
democratically or seeking
concensus for appeasing other
members. Organization by
dis-organization is the idea for
a better tomorrow.

Statement on homepage:
*Decentralized anarchist
collective composed of many cells
which act independently in
pursuit of a freer and more
joyous world.

Crime of War

*The Crimes of War Project is a
collaboration of journalists,
lawyers and scholars dedicated to
raising public awareness of the
laws of war and their application
to situations of conflict. Our
goal is to promote understanding
of international humanitarian law
among journalists, policymakers,
and the general public, in the
belief that a wider knowledge of
the legal framework governing
armed conflict will lead to
greater pressure to prevent
breaches of the law, and to
punish those who commit them.
Their events state they have book


Critical Art Ensemble



On home page:
*is a collective of five artists
of various specializations
dedicated to exploring the
intersections between art,
technology, radical politics, and
critical theory.

The five original artists: Steve
Barnes, Dorian Burr, Steve Kurtz,
Hope Kurtz and Beverly Schle

In 2004 Steve Kurtz was charged
on suspicion of "bioterrorism".
He woke up and dicovered Hope
Kurtz had died in her sleep.
After calling 911 the authorities
that arrived began searching his
home and ceased his wife's body.

He was preparing for an
exhibition for genetically
modified agriculture. He is still
battling these charges in court

Stop legal proceedings against

Critical Art Ensemble:


Criticalartware; Chicago, IL

Currently reworking site--down for now

Crveni Peristil- Croatia

In 1968 this group did an urban
intervention in the city of
Split. There is not much on the
group. They are not active and
have an orphaned wiki entry.

Cuckoo: Auckland, New Zealand

Homepage Statement:
"Cuckoo is an artists' initiative from Aotearoa/New Zealand, operational since late 2000. We put on shows in other peoples' galleries, or rather, we make people give us their gallery to run our programme in."

Artist members:
Jon Bywater, Judy Darragh, Daniel Malone, Ani O'Neill, and Gwynneth Porter

They say that they are active and have shows in donated spaces when they have time, energy and ideas.

Culture and Conflict Group: Dublin Ireland & New York, NY


Culture and Conflict Group - Dublin, Ireland & NY, NY
Cypres - (Avignon): http://www.cypres.asso.fr

Damp - Melbourne, Australia; www.uplandsgallery.com/artists_details.php?id=16
Danger Museum - Asia and Europe (according to their web site); www.dangermuseum.com
Dark Passage - http://www.darkpassage.com/
Deaf Leopard (Los Angeles, CA/Portland, Oregon) - http://www.deafleopard.com
Dearraindrop - www.dearraindrop.org
Deflowered Collision - Bangkok, Thailand, Stuttgard, Germany, Boston, USA and Caracas, Venezuela
Delete.tv - http://www.delete.tv/
Democratic Innovation - Copenhagen, Denmark; www.demokratisk-innovation.dk
Department for Public Appearances - Munich, Germany; www.department-online.de
The Department of Ecological Authoring Tactics, Inc. (DoEAT) - San Diego, CA
Derivart - Barcelona, Spain; http://www.derivart.info
Discrodia - http://www.discordia.us/
Desk.org -- http://www.desk.org/
Dispute Resolution Services (1990s) - Los Angeles, CA; www.journalofaestheticsandprotest.org/1/generosity/index.html
DOC - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; www.grupodoc.net
DSLR - http://www.dslrwest.org/
Dumbeyes - Milwaukee, WI
Duplus - Argentina
Dynamite - Grand Rapids, MI & Champaign/Urbana, IL; www.dynamitefamily.com
DINAMO (Budapest, Hungary) - http://www.dinamo.hu/

Eastern Edge - http://www.easternedge.ca/
echo system - Pittsburgh, PA & Los Angeles, CA; www.echo-system.org
Eksperimentelle Skolen (1961-1968) – Copenhagen, Denmark
Electronic Civil Disobedience - http://www.thing.net/~rdom/ecd/ecd.html
Electronic Disturbance Theater (also called Electronic Civil Disobedience) - www.thing.net/~rdom/ecd/ecd.html
Empiracy - Cincinnati, OH and NY, NY
End of the Ladder - Chicago, IL; www.insightartsliberation.org/ensmbl_ladder.html
EPOXY Art Group (1982-1988) - NY, NY
Escape Program - Moscow, Russia; www.escapeprogram.ru/english/history/index.html
Etcetera Collective - San Diego, CA
etoy- http://etoy.com
Eveleigh & Evans (London, England) - http://www.eveleighandevans.com
Everyday Places - Ann Arbor and Detroit, MI
e-Xplo - NY, NY; www.e-xplo.org
EXZYT - Paris, France; www.exzyt.org
End of the Ladder
A muli-media ensemble investigating colonialism, heterosexism, patriarchy and white supremacy. Founded in 1989, in Chicago, IL, appears to be still be going, but can't find most recent projects. They don't have their own page but are part of a wider collective Insight Arts __http://insightarts.liberation.org__ which provides space, classes, and performances to various collectives.

An apparently defunct collaborative group of artist from China and Hong Kong who met in New York in 1982 and worked together for 10 years. Their projects included collages, performances, photography, music, drawing and painting. They likened their improvisations to Jazz. Artists involved in the group were Eric Chan, Ming Fay, Kwok, Bing Lee, Cissy Pao, and Jerry Kwan. Article on founding member Ming Fay with detailed description of Expoxy: __http://mingfay.com/essays/machida.html__
"The Epoxy Art Group came into existence when 6 artists from Hong Kong and CHina met in New York City in 1982. As painters and sculptors with Eastern backgrounds, we joined forced in the culturally diverse environment of New York to work collaboratively for the purpose of creating artists opportunies. The name "Epoxy" was chosen to signify the strong chemical bonding power of cross-cultural adhesion.

Escape Program **__http://escapeprogram.ru/english/index.html__**
An artist collective and a non-profit artist run gallery in Moscow, Russia. The collective began in 1999 and continues to this day with Valeriy Ayzenberg, Bogdan Mamonov, Anton Litvin and Liza Morozova. It started as a way for the artists to be free of institutions and galleries and create a new area for their art it exist. It is mainly comprised of performances and of "the Art of Life" and putting on various programmes within the gallery.

etoy - **__http://etoy.com__**
This is a collective that disguises themselves as a corporation where the artists work on proects in exchange for etoy stock (which anyone can buy in print editons). The projects are internet-based and international but the main hub is in Zug, Swizterland. They are most famous for winning a war of domain names with the corporation etoy.
statement: "etoy crosses and blurs the frontiers between art, identity, nations, fashion, politics, technology, social engineering, music, power and business to create massive impact on global markets and digital culture."
Since1998 bright orange shipping containers called TANKS have been placed in San Diego, San Fransisco, New York, Zurich, Tokoyo, Torino, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, San Jose, their purpose is to "infect the way people think or feel." Since 2005 and continuing till today is " Mission Eternity" which archives people's lives into data held on the internet and seeks to establish a link with the soul after their death. Listed by pseudonym and name are 20 etoy agents.

Eveleigh & Evans
No website, they appear to be Melissa Evans and David Eveleigh, graduates of the Royal College of Art in London. They are cited in a few past shows and have one project dedicated to showing how grass-roots art shows function. No documentation found.

Everyday Places- **http://www.everydayplaces.com**
Began in New York in 1994, but has done projects in North Holland, Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, and Kyoto. Group consists of Rebekah Modrak, Nick Tobier, Malcolm Tulip, Katherine Weider, and Nick Tobier They are concerned with disrupting patterns of everyday events. "These constructions are aberrations, as acts that are unexpected. Generous yes, but also sweetly subversive" They many times place anachronistic personages and objects into urban settings such as street car attendents and revolutionary soldiers and functioning aqueducts and mobile chandeliers. Projects involve Creative Alliance and the Center for Creative Art, Copenhagan.

statement: "e-Xplo develops maps, routes, sound and film materials as reflections of a multifaceted investigation into location, context, social identity, landscape, and the public space of information......e-Xplo takes on the part of a topographical agent by developing projects which engage a space and the people who inhabit it." Their recent project DENCITY involves electronic music played on a night bus driving through New York City, where most of their projects are based. The collective is comprised of three artists: Erin McGonigle, Heimo Lattner, and Rene Gabri.

EXYZT **http://www.exyzt.net**
Mainly involved in architecture, particularly in spaces that are not owned, wasteland, or a part of some sort of festival. It began with five artists initially Nicolas Henninger, François Wunschel, Phillipe Rizzotti, Pier Schneider and Gilles Burban, but has expanded to 20 more architects, graphic designers, djs, chefs, etc. They don't appear to inhibited by any location but seem to be based in France. "Experiment. Architecture can expand into a transdisciplinary field, where new tools can be explored. Our current recipe : marinate construction with video, music, graphic design, photography and gastronomy, without forgetting to leave space for interaction, freedom, informality and unpredictability. Our projects can result in spatial video games, architectural buildings, musical environments and/or thematic food feasts."

Factory of Found Clothes or FNO or VERKLIGHETEN- **http://www.verkligheten.net/arkiv/2003/ffc/index.html**
Website is mostly in Swedish, but has some English translations.
Began in 1996, founded by Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya and Olga Yegorova in Saint Petersburg.
statement: "VERKLIGHETEN

is a non-commercial, artist-run gallery and project room in Umeå, Sweden. VERKLIGHETEN shows unexpected visual art, hosts talks and seminars and provides a place for artists and public to meetand discuss art and reality"
The Factory of Found Clothing - Describes the beginning of group, their ideologies and projects.
Factory of Found Clothing

Fallen Fruit **http://www.fallenfruit.org**
"Public Fruit" is the concept behind the Fallen Fruit, a Californian activist art project which started as a mapping of all the public fruit in our neighborhood. We ask all of you to contribute your maps so they expand to cover the United States and then the world. We encourage everyone to harvest, plant and sample public fruit, which is what we call all fruit on or overhanging public spaces such as sidewalks, streets or parking lots. "
founded by
David Burns, Matias Viegener, and Austin Young
Projects consist mainly of maps of cities in California of fruit trees and other "free fruit" areas. They also participate in museum and gallery shows where they hold night time fruit picking crawls and do other fruit-related activities such as protesting the use of chemicals and being environmentally aware.

The Family ( or Black Mask or Up Against the Wall, or The Mother Fuckers)
formed in 1966 by Ben Morea and Dan Georgakas, mostly known for hippie civil disobeidience and direct action.
Feel Tank - Chicago, IL; feeltankchicago.net
Feminist Art Workers - Los Angeles, CA
(A few) Digital Platforms, Societies, Interventions:
Faces -- http://faces-l.net/
Flat Pack 001 - flatpack001.org
Fluid Movement - Baltimore, Maryland; www.fluidmovement.org
Flor y Canto Centro Communitario (Los Angeles) - http://www.florycanto.org
Fluxus - www.fluxus.org/12345678910.html
Flying City - Seoul, South Korea; www.flyingcity.org
FoAM - Amsterdam, Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; and other cities; fo.am
Forced Entertainment - Sheffield, UK; www.forcedentertainment.com
Forcefield - Providence, RI; www.fortthunder.org/music/ff/index.html
Free103point9 (NYC, NY) - http://www.screwmusicforever.com/free103/freemenu.html
Free Soil - various locations; www.free-soil.org
Free Walking - Chicago, IL; www.freewalking.org
 Friendly Books, (E)Zines & Journals + Online + News + Blogs 
Autonomedia - http://www.autonomedia.org/
Freud’s Dream Museum - St. Petersburg, Russia; www.freud.ru/index.htm
Friends of William Blake - NY, NY; www.highbeam.com
Fuse Magazine- http://www.fusemagazine.org/
Future Farmers - various locations; www.futurefarmers.com/homepage.html