Galeria Chilena http://www.lanubeloca.org/index.html - website
Founded in 1997 by Cristóbal Lehyt in the neighborhood of Providencia, Santiago, it also includes Diego Fernández, Felipe Mujica and Joe Villablanca
excerpt in article from CONDOROS/MISTAKES, London 2004 http://www.lanubeloca.org/historia%20GCH.html "Galería Chilena (GCH) promotes the work of young artists through the organization of exhibitions and talks. The main feature of GCH is the lack of a physical space.....By now, GCH’s mobility and economy of mediums has evolved, and moved away from the gallery frame to become more of a collaborative instance for group experimentation and encounters; a non-place for discussion, a non-place for joining forces."
article in apexart http://www.apexart.org/conference/faguet.htm

Goat Island http://www.goatislandperformance.org
Chicago collaborative performance group, begun 1987, now an non-profit organization with core and associate members. Core member are: Karen Christopher, Matthew Goulish, Lin Hixson, Mark Jeffery, Bryan Saner, and Litó Walkey.
from website- "We perform a personal vocabulary of movement, both dance-like and pedestrian, that often makes extreme physical demands on the performers, and attention demands on the audience. We incorporate historical and contemporary issues through text and movement."

Gob Squad **http://www.gobsquad.com**
Nottingham, Berlin and Hamburg collaborative begun in 1994, main members of the group are Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Bastian Trost and Simon Will though they collaborate with other artists and groups often.

from website : "Using the language of film, TV and pop music to explore the complexities and absurdities of life today, Gob Squad’s work is a search for beauty, meaning and humanity amongst the glittering facades and dark corners of contemporary culture."
Video Interview **http://www.flasher.com/view_profile.php?profile_id=172**

Gorgona - Formed in 1961 it is called both a movement and an antimagazine group. Known members are Josip Vanista, Marijan Jevsovar, Julije Knifer and Duro Seder; sculptor Ivan Kozaric, architect Miljenko Horvat and art historians Dimitrije Basicevic, Matko Mestrovic and Radoslav Putar. They have no manifesto. (http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/ht/11/eusb/ht11eusb.htm) They believed that collective work could not be successful, but the idea of collectivity was important.
"The Collective Work cannot be foreseen as a form, only as an effort. The final appearance of the Collective Work is of no consequence at all."
Djuro Seder, Gorgona, 1963"
Article which mentions Gorgona (Under subtitle II The end of 1950's and 1960's: art as the way of existence) http://www.apexart.org/conference/Devic.htm
Galeria Chilena (started as a nomadic space, but became a group) - Santiago de Chile and NY
Gemeinwesen (Los Angeles, CA) - http://www.gemeinwesen.org
General Idea - www.aabronson.com/art/gi.org/index.htm
Gelitin - Vienna, Austria; www.gelitin.net/mambo/index.html
Goat Island - Chicago, IL; www.goatislandperformance.org
Gob Squad - Nottingham, UK & Berlin, Germany; www.gobsquad.com/gobsquad
Gorgona - Zagreb, Croatia

Glowlab, 2002
Brooklyn, Ny,__[[http://www.glowlab.comCuretted|www.glowlab.com]]Curetted
by Christina Ray,
12 other membersExploring the urban political and scientific environments.

Grand Rapids, MI
collaborative workspace for the public.

Gran Fury, 1987
__[[http://www.queerculturalcenter.org/pages/granfury/gfindx.html|www.queerculturalcenter.org/pages/granfury/gfindx.html]]Aids activist for lesbians, gays, bi, trans, and queer communities of art and culture.

Grupo De Arte Callejero,1980
BA, Argentina
__http://criticalspatialpractice.blogspot.com/2006/09/grupo-de-arte-callejero.html__dealing with issues of human rights.Other groups worked with H.I.J.O.S. (Hijos por la Identidad contra el Olvido y el Silencio(Sons and Daughters for Identity and Justice Against Oblivion and Silence) and GAC (Grupo de Arte Callejero (Group of Street Art))

Group of Six Artists
from Okanagan Valley in British Columbia 1947.
founded the Progressive Artist's Group, to establish new ways of expressing India in the post-colonial era.Artist: K. H. Ara, S. K. Bakre, H. A. Gade, M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza and F. N. Souza. other artist associated with group.
no specific web site but located at __http://www.trianglegallery.com/exhibits/2003landscape/index.html__

Group Material,1980
Berkly NY
no specific web site but noted on several
original members Patrick Brennan, Beth Jaker, Mundy McLaughlin, Marybeth Nelson, Tim Rollins, Peter Szypula, and Julie Ault.
Conceptionally work socially, democratic, discrimination and the art based established communities.

Grupo Cronica y Lolas_Cronicas, 1964-1981
Founded by Manuel Valdes, Rafael Slbes, and Juan Antonio Toledo
works with social, cultural and political issues with pop clich�s and impersonal style of popular mass-media imagery.

Grupo Poro, 2002
e-Catallogue: http://poro.redezero.org/downloads/catalogoPoro.pdf
works in public spaces and targets the mass media.

Grupo Um,2003
works with visual arts, music, dance, and film.
15 members
Grupo Urucum, 1850 to 1880
no web site but mentioned on several others
work with social, political, and ethical issues by expressing with romanticism and realism.

Gruppo A-12, 1993
Genova and Milan, Italy
Architects working in new medias and work allows for trial and error also widely exhibited.

Gruppo Parole e Immagini
Schweiz, Switzerland

Grupo de Arte Callejero
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guerilla Art Action Group, GAAG, 1969-1976
no web site but mentioned on other
Founded by Jon Hendricks and Jean Toche.
body art, political protest and collectivism

Guerilla Girls, 1985
Feminist who stop violence against women and female stereotypes.Widely published and participates in guerilla art.

Hactivist Tactical Media Network
Pittsburgh, PA
ran by the artist collective Carbon Defense League other collectives involved are runLEVELzero,
working to Liberate the capital by experimental sound punk/metal and performance.

Haha, 1989
Chicago, IL and Cambridge, MA
Richard House, Wendy Jacob, A. Laurie Palmer's, John Ploof.
installational, audio, and public billboards in relation to gaps between artists and audiences.

The Haide Group
no working website.

Hay! Market Research, 2002
Chicago, IL
no active website

Heavy Trash
Los Angeles, Ca
anonymous group of architects, designers and urban planners
suggesting a solution to urban issues.

A Home for Clouds
online community
a ridiculous mix of credit car applications next to debt consolidation and online dating.

Homeland Security Cultural Bureau (HSCB)
HSCB website is fake and staged by Anastas and Gabri.
responsive to the effective censorship by the U.S. media of past and current abuses.

Henry the Eighth's Wives
No active website

Icelancic Love Corporation, 1996
Reykjavik, Iceland
current members Sigrun Hrolfsdottir, Joni Jonsdottir, and Eirun Sigurdardottir.
Have collaborated with musician Bjork.
work with Video Performance, photography and object making.

ICOLS, (International Corporation of Lost Structures)
international cross cultural collaborative
founded in November 2000 by Suzanne Treister
artists, writers, film makers, scientists, poets, anthropologists, theorists, activists, art historians and more.
conceptually work with history, culture, nostalgia, communications and bio-technologies, global capitalism, aesthetics, ethics, belief systems and revolution.

IDP Editions
Los Ageles, CA
engaged in revolutionary

iKatun, 2001
Boston, MA
contemporary art that involves the public with politics.

Illegal Art, 2001
interactive public art to inspire self-reflection thought and human connection.

Image Bank, 2000
over 3000 artists
Contemporary visual arts online projects and publications.
Independent Media Center, 1999
based in Seattle but nationally involved and exhibited
creation of radical and passionate telling of the truth to free humanity.
radio station that is a democratic open-publishing system.
Paris, France and nationally involved and exhibited
work in Video, audio, and active Design.
Toronto, Canada and NY,NY.
theory of urban exploration in public spaces that you are not suppose to go.
Instant Coffee, 2008
Toronto and Vancouver, Canada
Using public spaces as an open studio practice and exhibition site to socialize and get other involved.
Institute for Advanced Architecture
NY, NY and Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH, L.A., CA, Newark, NY

Institute for Applied Autonomy, (IAA), 1998
United States
system developed for mapping the movements of planes over time.

Institute for Infinitely Small Things, 2004
Boston, Ma
temporarily transform public spaces Using performance, conversation, social, and political means.

Institute of Failure
Chicago, IL and Sheffield, UK
no active website


Institute for Distributed Creativity - http://distributedcreativity.org/ : Live link. "Collaboration in media art, technology, and theory". "Emphasis on social contexts". International. "Research network". Trebor Sholz (founder), other members unknown from web content. Not much action since March 2007.

Interactivist Info Exchange - http://info.interactivist.net/ : Blog-like. Seems more like social networking site than genuine "collective". Most recent event notification from 2006. Most recent news Summer 2007. Covers activism from around the globe. Invites users to submit stories/events/so on. Maintained by "InterActivist Network" (http://www.interactivist.net/) who is a collective that maintains servers to protect the rights of activists. "The InterActivist Network is a model for community action using new media and technology to invigorate public dialogue and to inform current debates within our own communities--both local and global.". No mention of individual contributors. Affiliated with "ABCNoRio".

Intermedia - http://www.michaeldecourcy.com/intermedia/intro.htm (Canada) (1967-1972) : "* Multi-media performance involving dancers, musicians, and visual artists; and combining movement, sound, and projected images."* Exploration of a variety of new media, including photography, video, film, sound, and light sculpture. * A re-examination of the role of the artist and the meaning of artwork within the sociopolitical fabric of a community — e.g. intervention in public spaces for the installation of artwork and for engaging in art activities, resulting in community participation in the art-making process." This is a historical project being undertaken by a former member chronicling some of InterMedia's "experiments".

International Corperation of Lost Structures - http://www.icols.org : Founded in November 2000 by Suzanne Treister. "ICOLS is an artist driven, international cross cultural collaborative organisation whose growing number of members/contributors include artists, writers, film makers, scientists, poets, anthropologists, theorists, activists, art historians and practitioners from various other disciplines.". "live events include launches, publications, installations, site specific projects and interventions, workshops and other activities.". Most recent event in 2005.

International Curators Program Antwerp(ICPA) - http://www.icpa.be (Antwerp, Belgium) : Recently relocated to Brooklyn, NYC. "an independent organization and curators-collective originally founded in the city of Antwerp that aims to initiate an international network of emerging curators to the Flemish contemporary art scene. Apart from our residency program, the organization’s focal point is to organize an innovative curatorial program designed for a selected group of participants.". "Jan Van Woensel is the Director of ICP/A, Niels Van Tomme is the Co-Director, Sacha Eckes is the Coordinator of the Curatorial Residency Program.". "Due to ICP/A’s transatlantic move, we are currently redesigning the strategy of our curatorial program into an independent and experimental program noteworthy for New York City’s interdisciplinary art scene." Not much activity since Feb. 2007.

International Movement for an Imagist Bauhaus(IMBD) : No Web Presence.

Intersystems (late 60s/ early 70s) (Toronto, Canada) : No Web Presence.

In the Field - http://www.inthefield.info/ (Chigago, IL) : "Blend approaches and knowledge from visual art, urban planning, and creative activism. We operate in an exploded field and work to expand it further still because we care about opening up spaces for new possibilities and social forms.". Doesn't seem to be much action since 2006. Site seems unfinished.

intorno - http://www.16beavergroup.org/intorno (Venice, Italy) : In Italian. Light on images. Con't figure out what exactally they are about.

in_versor - http://inversorblog.blogspot.com (Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) : PAGE DEAD :(

The Invisible Inc. - http://www.theinvisibleinc.org.au (Sydney, Australia) : "The Invisible Inc. is a collective of seven Sydney-based visual artists engaged in individual and collaborative projects across a broad range of disciplines including photography, sculpture, video and installation." "aims to facilitate the production and cross promotion of contemporary practice that is critically engaged, relevant and non-commercially based.". Most recent news from June 2007. No clear group objective.

Irational - http://www.irational.org/ : Cannot figure out. Seems to be a massive link site. Good resources though. Bio Tech, Activist, and New Media sort of links/projects.

Irwin - http://www.nskstate.com/irwin (Ljubljana, Slovenia) - founded 1983. No activity since 2003. Seem to exist to make art that reflects their Slovenian heritidge.

It Can Change - http://www.itcanchange.com (San Francisco, California) : DEAD LINK :(


JAP - http://www.journalofaestheticsandprotest.org (Los Angeles, CA, USA) : "The journal is a weirdo thinktank.". Publication and Publisher of activist material/information. No events of lectures lined up for 2008 as of yet.

Jefferson Presents - http://www.geocities.com/jeffersonpresents (Pittsburgh, PA) : "Jefferson Presents... is an independent organization programmed by 2 independent filmmakers, Adam Abrams and Gordon Nelson. Jefferson Presents... is committed to exhibiting unusual cinema in the original format including, experimental, avant-garde, underground, educational, political, documentaries, narratives and any other types of movies or related art forms that are not easily categorized." Still active. Doesn't seem like an "Artist Collective", but still a nice community project.


Kannonklubben (Copenhagen, Denmark) - No Web Presence What So Ever.... :(

Kill Radio - http://www.killradio.org/ (Los Angeles, CA) : "Killradio.org is a collective organization committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice. We intend to promote the proliferation of radio in whatever form is necessary in order to challenge the corporate domination of our airwaves. It is our goal to further the self-determination of people under-represented in media production and content, and to illuminate and analyse local and global issues that impact ecosystems, communities and individuals. We seek to generate alternatives to the biases inherent in the corporate media controlled by profit, and to identify and create positive models for a sustainable and equitable society." "Short version: Kill Radio has an organizational structure that is fairly unique in our society. No one is in charge, no one has power over anyone else, and no decisions are final until everyone is satisfied with the outcome. None of the "Joe is club president, Jill is vice president, the majority rules and the minority is screwed" stuff that you're probably used to. An organization that lacks such hierarchy is called a collective, and this decision-making process is called the consensus model. Basically, we take turns leading/facilitating the meetings, where the important KR decisions are made. When someone has an idea or a plan, we discuss our thoughts and concerns about the plan, and then make changes and compromises with the plan until it takes a shape that everyone likes, or at least one that everyone can live with. Granted, the process can be time consuming and difficult. Democracy can be a pain in the ass, but consensus really is one of the most fair and equitable ways for groups of people to make decisions. We have handouts about the consensus model floating around the station, pick some up. For more information on consensus, visit www.consensus.net" Active!

Kill Your Television(KYTV) - http://www.killyourtelevision.info (Singapore) : formed in early 2002. "The concept of KYTV is exploring the boundaries of various art forms like visual arts, installation, writing, movement, music/sound, and multi-media. Essentially, KYTV is a collaborative effort of artists with different aptitudes and experiences each time a new work is created." "KYTV seeks to create works that relates to our spontaneous and complex structures of urban existence, communicating with people within the ever-changing landscape of time, space and cultures."

King Mob - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Mob (London, UK) : Radical London chapter of Situationist International. Circa. 1970s. Not much web presence other than the Wiki entry...

Kleines Postfordistiches Drama - http://www.kleinespostfordistischesdrama.de (Germany & Switzerland) : site contains nothing but contact e-mail address and a small photo. Also found "http://www.05.diskursfestival.de/pdf/symposium_performing_lorey_3.en.pdf". "KLEINES POSTFORDISTISCHES DRAMA [KPD, Small Post-Fordist Drama] explores the transformation of cultural, creative, generally unpaid or underpaid activities and careers that have been and continue to be stylized as models of autonomous work. The group began in 2003 as part of the project Atelier Europa with a survey of cultural producers based on the method 'militant inquiry' that was developed by Operaist and feminist movements in the 1970s. This research praxis presumes that the knowledge needed to change the production methods and lifestyles is inherent in the conditions of work and production themselves and is articulated in the desire for change felt by those working in this sphere. Thus kpd also employs the method of militant inquiry in order that the potentialities of the diffuse activity in which cultural producers are occupied might be exploited for new forms of politicization and articulation." Not sure if group was formed for purpose of the project outlined by the .pdf link or if their efforts expand beyond that...

KNEKTIV - http://www.newmoves.co.uk/PageAccess.aspx?id=182 (Cleveland, OH) : Dead Link :( Cannot find ANY info :(

Knifeandfork - http://www.knifeandfork.org (Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY) : Knifeandfork, founded by Brian House and Sue Huang while on a coffee break during a figure-drawing class in Sweden, currently operates out of New York and Los Angeles. Knifeandfork projects are concerned with the critical reconfiguration of media structures and contexts. Their most recent work includes Emptiness is Form (Golf and Donuts) (2009), Trying the Hand of God (2009), and MOCA Grand Prix (2009) shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Other recent work includes The Wrench (2008), which recasts Primo Levi’s The Monkey’s Wrench as an open-ended mobile phone text-message exchange between participants and an artificially intelligent character; 5 ’til 12 (2006), a nonlinear interactive installation utilizing a database of video clips to create a near-infinite number of narratives based on the Akira Kurosawa film Rashomon; and Hundekopf (2005), a location-based narrative project utilizing SMS text-messaging to animate and recontextualize the experience of riding the Berlin Ringbahn. Knifeandfork’s past exhibition hosts include Rhizome at the New Museum for Contemporary Art, New York; Beall Center for Art + Technology, University of California, Irvine; Loving Berlin Festival, Berlin; and Kulturhuset, Stockholm.

KOD - (Novi Sad, Serbia) : No link, Can't identify existance of web presence.

KUDA - http://www.kuda.org (Novi Sad, Serbia) : English version available! "New Media Center_kuda.org is an independent organization which brings together artists, theoreticians, media activists, researchers and the wider public in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. In this respect, kuda.org is dedicated to the research of new cultural relations, contemporary artistic practice, and social issues." Big organisation.

Kultainen timantti(Golden Diamond) - kultainentimantti.blogspot.com (Finland) : All in Finnish!


Laboratorio curatorial 060 - http://www.lc060.org (Mexico City, Mexico) : "to explore new ways of thinking about and around contemporary art; art at the fringe of its own (im)possibilities." Sleek, classy website. Pretty radical though...

Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination - http://labofii.net (London, UK) : "The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (lab of ii) is a network of socially engaged artists and activists whose work falls in between resistance and creativity, culture and politics, art and life." A fun looking bunch. Formed in 2004. Funny stuff. :)

LAPD (Los Angeles Poverty Department) - http://lapovertydept.org (Los Angeles, LA) : "Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD) creates performance work that connects lived experience to the social forces that shape the lives and communities of people living in poverty. LAPD is committed to creating high-quality, challenging performances that express the realities, hopes, and dreams of people who live and work in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, and is dedicated to building community and to the artistic and personal development of its members." Still active. Spans beyond LA. Addressess Drug War in most current performance.

Las Agencias - http://www.sindominio.net/fiambrera/web-agencias/ : " Las Agencias is a network of autonomous groups, working on the construction of biopoilitical antagonism. The fields which deal with the construction of culture and lifestyle are no longer separate from those that deal with the construction of the political body. Las Agencias provide responses to this new reality. We are conscious of the role artistic practices have within cultural capitalism (from art as social work suplamenting the work of charitable organizations and ngo's, to art as a point of depareture for market research into new trends and new sectors). Therefore, we ensure the political effectiveness of our work by placing it well inside the ever growing anticapitalist network (the antiglobalization movement, etc…)". They go by a few different names to purposely confuse.

L'Association Multitudes - http://multitudes.samizdat.net/ (Paris, France) : Web site is totally in French. Information seems to be update up to January 2008.

Late Night Off-Center - (Sautee Nacoochee, GA) : No web presence. :(

Laudaanum - http://www.laudanum.net : Seems to be some sort of art business...

Lettrism -- the French avant-garde movement of the 1940s and '50s in Paris, led by Isidore Isou. (See:
-- this site includes a webliography with a number of links to works associated with the Lettrist movement.

Lettrist International

Madame Binh Graphics Collective (1975-1985) - Chicago, IL, Jersey City, NJ and NY, NY
Makrolab - Ljubljana, Slovenia and other locations; makrolab.ljudmila.org
Macrolab - http://makrolab.ljudmila.org/
Maj 75 - Croatia
Manoa Free University - Vienna, Austria; manoafreeuniversity.org
Map3 - US & Italy; www.deannasirlin.com/map3/index.htm
Material Exchange - Chicago, IL; www.material-exchange.org

Media Action Group - Sydney Australia 1977-1980
The Media Action Group was an artists group formed to produce slide shows analysing media treatment of various political issues of the time. The slide shows were sold to tertiary educational institutions. Members included three Australian artists previously involved in the New York Art & Language group - Ian Burn, Terry Smith, Nigel Lendon - and a number of Sydney artists with backgrounds in conceptual and political art such as Ian Milliss, Michiel Dolk, Mary Kinney, Kieran Finnane, Anne Sutherland, Mark Booth and others. It produced six slide shows and assisted in designing publications for the Trans National Co-Operative, a left wing research group, and the Amalgamated Metal Workers Union (NSW Branch). It had ceased activity by early 1980 after Milliss and later Burn began working in a new organisation, Union Media Services Pty Ltd.

Mediamatic (Amsterdam, Netherlands) -- http://www.mediamatic.net/
Medical Hermeneutics - Moscow, Russia; www.kanka.de/aurora/pp_b1.htm
Meme-Rider Media Team - Anchorage, Eugene, Tampa, New York, London and New Brunswick; tampabay-online.org/artistdetail.php?Id=198
Mess Hall - Chicago, IL; www.messhall.org
Milhaus - Milwaukee, WI
Mixed Rice - ???
Mobilivre-Bookmobile – Montreal, Canada and Philadelphia, PA; www.mobilivre.org
MORPH - Budapest, Hungary
Moscow Portraits - Serbia, Montenegro, USA, Slovenia, Croatia and Russia
Moscow WWWArt Centre 1995-1997- http://www.cs.msu.su/wwwart/
The M.O.S.T. - Portland, OR; www.mostlandia.com
Moxie - Dublin, Ireland; www.moxiedublin.blogspot.com
Muhomor - Moscow, Russia
Multiplicity (Milan, Italy) - http://www.multiplicity.it/
Multistory Complex - ???
My Dad's Strip Club - http://www.mydadsstripclub.com/

N55 is a group of artists that share work, living spaces and funds. Since 1996 they have completed a number of social projects that try to change there enviromnents to a system that treats people as individuals and respects their rights to express opinion. All projects come with a manual which includes descriptions and photos of the piece.
Founded by Ingvil Aarbakke.

National Bitter Melon Council- Boston, MA;http://www.bittermelon.org
The National Bitter Melon Council is devoted to the promotion and acceptence of Bitter Melon .
Neasden Control Centre- London,UK; http://www.neasdencontrolcentre.com
Not much is know about the Neasden group except that the founders of the group, Stephen Smith and Marcus Diamond are extremely secretive. Not much information provided on their website relating to any particular motive; just some pretty pictures.
Founded by Stephon Smith and Marcus Diamond.

NeMe- Cyprus; http://www.neme.org
From Web Site: "NeMe is a non profit, non government, Cyprus registered cultural association founded in November 2004. NeMe works on various platforms which focus on contemporary theories and their intersection with the arts. If you wish to receive news from us please subscribe to our newsletter."

Nettime Mailing Lists- http://www.nettime.org
From Web Site: "Nettime is not just a mailing list but an effort to formulate an international, networked discourse that neither promotes a dominant euphoria (to sell products) nor continues the cynical pessimism, spread by journalists and intellectuals in the 'old' media who generalize about 'new' media with no clear understanding of their communication aspects. we have produced, and will continue to produce books, readers, and web sites in various languages so an 'immanent' net critique will circulate both on- and offline."

Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) - Ljubljana, Slovenia;http://www.nskstate.com
The State of NSK is an art collective made up of and supported by art collectives.

Neuro Transmitter (NT)- http://www.neurotransmitter.fm
Neuro Transmitter is a group dedicated to finding new possibilities for radio and its connection with the body.

Next Question- Pittsburgh, PA; http://www.nextquestion.org
Next question address's cultural issues by ingaging the public in the construction of art pieces as well as interaction with the finished product.
Members include: Emily Blair, Michelle Illuminato and Phuong Nguyen.

New Academy - ???

New Beginnings- http://www.nbgngs.com
From Web Site: "The backbone of New Beginings is the concept of a collaborative collective artist practice. Since 2000 we have in various ways tried to stage conditions that provide opportunities to work in a structure opposite of the idea of the artist as a solitaire. A broad ambition of our activities has been to, in a common fashion, carry out tasks in everyday situations with the purpose to provide solutions to identified problems. Aiming to keep the nature of the production something that can be carried out on a daily basis as an ongoing artistic responsibility rather than a row of projects with a specified starting point and a distinct ending."

New Social Art School- Aberdeen, Scottland; http://www.newsocialartschool.org
From Website: "It all started with a group of skateboarders and an artist interrogating political decision-making behind some barriers erected on a favourite skate spot in the city-centre of Aberdeen. The group, which became known as Aberdeen Street Skaters, made action, artwork and PR, communicated and associated with the city council, and effectively made changes. It was an example of successful collaborative arts practice rooted in the reality of a local community. This cooperation with non-professional artists presented a broad but meaningful method of collaborative arts practice. It made great sense to continue working with a variety of people in an open environment for collective, informal learning in various artistic projects."

Newsense Enterprises- Cleveland, OH; http://www.newsenseonline.com

New Stupis- St. Petersburg, RUssia

NINE-NYC, NY; http://www.0009.org

Nomads + Residents- Various Locations; http://www.nomadsresidents.org
A system in which artists in a common community can use living spaces to connect, colaborate and talk in order to directly influence thier environment.

No Rio- NYC, NY; http://www.abcnorio.org
From Website: ABC No Rio is a collectively-run center for art and activism. We are known internationally as a venue for oppositional culture. ABC No Rio was founded in 1980 by artists committed to political and social engagement and we retain these values to the present.

Northland Poster Collective- Minneapolis, MN; http://www.northlandposter.com
From Website: "The Northland Cultural Workers' Conference in Minneapolis, 1979. Eleven young graphic artists meet in a workshop, and excitedly feed off one another's ideas about using art to chronicle and create social change.They meet again, and again, eventually forming a collective to critique one another's art. Lisa Blackshear, Dean Conners, Marilyn Hall, Lee Hoover, Richard Kees, Ricardo Levins Morales, Janice Perry, Frank Sander, Carla Stetson, Mary Sutton, and Lee Wolfson belong to this early incarnation of the collective. George Beyer, an artist who cut his teeth during the CIO organizing drive of the 1930s, delightedly attends their meetings. He encourages them to use silk screening to put their art into circulation."

NSK- Slovenia; http://www.nskstate.com
A controversial political art collective dealing with the imagery of totalitarian movements.

Nsumi- NY, NY; http://www.nsumi.net
From Website: "Nsumi provides free consulting services for art collectives, and anyone who wants to start a collective. From March 21st to May 15th 2006, their Collective Incubator opens in New York City’s financial district in support of this process."

NYC Surveillance Camera Players- NY, NY; http://www.notbored.org
From Website: "NOT BORED! is an autonomous, situationist-inspired, low-budget, irregularly published, photocopied journal."