O thru Z

O2 Collective- Ashland, OR; http://www.o2collective.org/
From Website: "The Oxygen Collective practices creative resistance through projects that address injustice in our communities and destruction in the natural world. We use a 40' biodiesel tour bus to create and enhance events, and then add live music, independent media, organic food, and large-scale, participative art projects."

Ocular Lab- Melbourne, Australia

The October Surprise- Los Angeles, CA; http://www.theoctobersurprise.org
From Website: "Creative Interventions and Underground Politics in Northeast Los Angeles"

Oda Projesi- external image arrow-10x10.png, Turkey; http://www.odaprojesi.com
From Website: "Oda Projesi is an artist collective based in external image arrow-10x10.png. It is composed of three members; Özge Açikkol, Günes Savas and Seçil Yersel who turned their collaboration into an art project in 2000."

Oginoknauss- Florence, Italy; http://www.oginoknauss.org
From Website: "Ogino Knauss is a collective active since 1995. Born as ?mutant cinema laboratory?, acts during the years as a constant drift through audio visual languages and communication practices. The group experiments with VJing techniques as a peculiar form of open narrative, in contrast to the dominant tendency to create video tapestries as an ornament to musician and DJ?s production."

OHO Group- Slovenia

Online Anarchist Community- http://www.infoshop.org
Online resource for information, news and products related to anarchism.

OODA Group- http://www.oodagroup.com
From Website: "OODA Group is an art collective based in the mid-western United States. The name applies to various collaborative efforts including visual art, music, comics, and writing, however the group is most well known for their gallery installations."

Open Circle- Bombay, India; http://www.opencirclearts.info

Otabenga, Jones & Associates- Houston, TX; http://otabengajones.com

Otolab- Milano, Italy; http://www.otolab.net

Otto- Copenhagen, Denmark

p-10 - external image arrow-10x10.png; www.p-10.org
PAD/D ((Political Art Documentation/Distribution) (1980-1988) - NY, NY; www.gregorysholette.com/essays/...
Pages - Tehran, Iran; www.pagesmagazine.net
Paper Rad - Easthampton, MA; www.paperrad.org
PaperRad (New York State) - http://www.paperrad.org
Parfyme Deluxe – Brooklyn, NY and Copenhagen, Denmark; www.parfyme.dk and www.parfymedeluxe.com
Park Fiction - Hamburg, Germany; http://www.parkfiction.org/
People’s Republic of Delicious Foods - Chicago, IL
Peripheral Produce (Portland, Oregon) - http://www.rodeofilmco.com/peripheralproduce/#upcoming
pFARM - Woodstock, NY; www.pfarm.org
People Interested in Making Psychogeography Sexy (PIMPS) - Tempe, AZ; http://pimpsworks.blogspot.com/
Pink Bloque (2001-2005) - Chicago, IL; www.pinkbloque.org
Platform Artists Group (Melbourne, Australia) - http://www.platform.org.au/
Platform - London, UK; www.platformlondon.org
Plaza de Mayo - (BA, Argentina) http://www.madres.org/
Poro - Belo Horizonte, Brazil; http://poro.redezero.org/
Post Theater - Berlin, Germany, NY, NY, Tokyo, Japan; www.posttheater.com
Precarias a la Deriva - http://www.sindominio.net/karakola/precarias.htm
Program Angels (Munich, Germany) - http://www.programangels.org/
Project 304 (external image arrow-10x10.png, Thailand) - http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Square/5334/
Projekt Atol - Ljubljana, Slovenia and other locations; makrolab.ljudmila.org/atol
projektgruppe - Hamburg, Germany; www.projektgruppe.org
General Public (Berlin Germany) - http://www.generalpublic.de/
Public Netbase - http://www.t0.or.at

The Quality of Life Team - Troy, NY
Q.U.A.S.H. (1991-1994) - Chicago, IL

Radek Community - Moscow, Russia; www.radek-community.com
Radical Software - New York, NY; www.radicalsoftware.org/e/index.html
Radio Arte Mobile (Italy) - http://www.radioartemobile.it
Radio Taxi - East Anglia, UK; www.radiotaxi.org.uk
Rain Artists' Initiatives Network (International) - http://www.r-a-i-n.net/
R.A.G.U. (Romanian Art Guerilla Unit) (1989) - Chicago, IL
Raketa - Stockholm, Sweden; www.raketa.nu
Randomroutines - Budapest, Hungary, and Helsinki, Finland; www.randomroutine.net
Raqs media collective - Dehli, India; www.raqsmediacollective.net
Rasbullito Collective (Portland, Oregon)
Reactor - Nottingham, UK; www.reactorweb.com
Rebar - San Francisco, CA; www.rebargroup.org
Reclaim The Streets - various locations; rts.gn.apc.org
Reclaim the Streets (NYC) - http://reclaimthestreetsnyc.tao.ca/
Re-Code - http://www.re-code.com/
Red76 - Portland, OR; www.red76.com
Reinigungsgesellschaft - Dresden, Germany; www.reinigungsgesellschaft.de
Relax - Biel and Zurich, Switzerland; relax-studios.ch
Reloading Images - Berlin, Germany; www.reloadingimages.org
REPOhistory - NY, NY; www.repohistory.org
Republic Art-**http://www.republicart.net** Their website states that the collective "was a transnational research project from 2002-2005" which suggests that they are now defunct. The website is now devoted to an archive of writings about their performances, "art sabatogages" etc. The project management team is Gerald Raunig, general coordinator, Bernhard Hummer, financial coordinator ,Therese Kaufmann, communication and cultural policy issues Raimund Minichbauer, website development, research and documentation Mainly public art projects that are concerned with organization of peoples and discourse on the ideas of artists and producers and collectivity. From their manifesto "temporary projects prevailed over objects, communities over individual artists, participation over art consumption."
Rhizome **http://www.rhizome.org** It began as a mailing list in 1996 but has since blossomed into a major website devoted to art and culture. It is tied with the New Museum, "Our organizational voice draws attention to artists, their work, their perspectives and the complex interrelationships between technology, art and Royal1688 culture."
RNC Not Welcome a.k.a. Virtual Resistance http://www.visualresistance.org/wordpress/ An New York City event-based collective based on protesting the 2004 Republican Convention and then continued afterwards as Virtual Resistance. They are interested in using art for social change. Their projects include Ghost Bikes and Pedestrian memorials for bicyclists and pedestrians killed by cars in New York City. They are also involved with JustSeeds http://justseeds.org/ manifesto- "Justseeds/Visual Resistance Artists' Cooperative is a decentralized community of artists who have banded together to both sell their work online in a central location and to collaborate with and support each other and social movements."
ROR or Revolutions on Request http://www.ror.fi/www Begun in 1998 with many members it has now been whitttled don to four core members: Klaus Nyqvist, Karoliina Taipale, Panu Puolakka and Jiri Geller, based in Helsinki, Finland. Emphasis seems to be on sculptural installations in exhibitions that they organize and curate for themselves and other artists.
from website: " ROR has always installed Gesammtkunstwerks – where an instant aesthetic peak experience has been the only objective, motorized by a war machine of kinky interior design, monsterous motorbikes, fucked-up technology, psychedelic objects, and toys for adults with a heightened sense of consciousness."
Rotor**http://www.rotorrr.org** website in Spanish, english translation link doesn't appear to work, many dead links on the website as well, no other information found
The Royal Art external image arrow-10x10.png**http://www.royalartlodge.com** Started in 1996 in Winnipeg, Canada they are a collaborative drawing group. Members include: Marcel Dzama, Neil Farber, Michael Dumontier, Drue Langlois, Adrian Williams,Jonathan Pylypchuk, Hollie Dzama and Myles Langlois. They pass drawings from one member to another much like the Surrealist Exquisite Corpse game.wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Royal_Art_Lodge article "Royal Art external image arrow-10x10.png at MOCA" http://www.nonstarvingartists.com/News/ImagedNewsItem.2004-11-08.0754.html
Royal Chicano Air Forcewikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Chicano_Air_Force
The All City Waitress Marching Band A performance art collective of waitresses begun in Los Angeles in the late 70's, it included Jerri Allyn, Leslie Belt, Anne Gauldin, Patti Nicklaus, Jamie Wildman, and Denise Yarfitz. They dressed in white waitress uniforms and You Tube video of marching band : <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/V9U6vbBSSQY"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/V9U6vbBSSQY" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

RTMark - www.rtmark.com
rtMark - http://www.rtmark.com/
ruangrupa - Jarkarta, Indonesia; http://www.ruangrupa.org
rum46 - Århus, Denmark; www.rum46.dk

Sabotage - Vienna, Austria; www.sabotage.at
Sandbox Projects - ???
San Francisco Poster Brigade - San Francisco, CA
Sarai (Delhi, India) - http://www.sarai.net/
Shleuser (Weimar, Germany) - http://www.schleuser.net/
Sisters of Survival - Los Angeles, CA; womansbuilding.org/wb/searchresults.php?keyword=sisters+of+survival
Situaciones (Colectivo de Investigación Militante) - situaciones.org
Situationist International - Various cities; www.bopsecrets.org/SI/index.htm
Second Situationist International -- Scandinavia -- a external image arrow-10x10.png, "Expect Anything, Fear Nothing" (2011) has clarified much about this group. See review here.
Shleuser - http://www.schleuser.net/
Skart - Belgrade, Serbia; www.cincplug.com/skart
Slanguage - Los Angeles, CA
SLAAAP! (Sexually Liberated Art Activist Asian People) (1990s) - www.apicha.org/apicha/pages/education/lgbt/slaaap.htm
Société Réaliste - Paris, France; www.societerealiste.net
soontobecollective - Southampton, UK; www.soontobe.org
South Venice Billboard Correction Committee (SVBCC) - Venice, CA
SOUP - Berlin, Germany; www.welldonebysoup.com
Space Hijackers (England) - http://www.spacehijackers.co.uk/
sparwasserhq - http://www.sparwasserhq.de/
Spacekraft (KL, Malaysia) - http://www.spacekraft.net/
sparwasser hq - http://www.sparwasserhq.de/
Speculative Archive - Los Angeles, CA
Spell #7 - external image arrow-10x10.png; www.spell7.net
The Spiral (1960s) - NY, NY; as-ap.org/martin/resources.cfm
spurse - http://www.spurse.org/
Stalker - Rome, Italy; www.stalkerlab.it
Stealth - ???
Street Rec. (2001-2002) - Chicago, IL
subRosa is a reproducible cyberfeminist cell of cultural researchers who combine art, activism, and radical politics to explore and critique the intersections of digital information and bio-technologies in women’s bodies, lives, and work. Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in October, 1998.

Love is Strong as Death: a Convivial Feast, “Pathogeographies (or, other people’s baggage),” Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago, July 6.


Yes Species v2., in collaboration with James Pei-Mun Tsang, “Cyberfem. Feminisms on the Electronic Landscape,” Espai d'art contemporani de Castelló (EACC), Spain, October 20.

Love is Strong as Death: a Convivial Feast, “In Transit: from Object to Site,” David Winton Bell Gallery and Department of Visual Art, Brown University, Providence, RI, September 15.
Express Choice, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, November 7.
International Markets of Flesh v2., in collaboration with Carolina Loyola-Garcia, “Arte Nuevo InteractivA’05,” Patio Central del Centro Cultural Olimpio, Mérida, Mexico, June 25 (catalog).
Yes Species, in collaboration with James Tsang, “Intersex 1-0-1 Festival,” Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK), Berlin, June 17 (catalog).
Epidermic! DIY Cell Lab, “YOUGenics3,” Betty Rymer Gallery, Art Institute of Chicago, February 18.

The Danish artists' group Superflex (Rasmus Nielsen, Jakob Fenger and Bjornstjerne Christiansen) has been working together since 1993 on a series of projects related to economic forces, democratic production conditions and self-organisation. The artists have examined alternative energy and commodity production in Brazil, Thailand and Europe in their projects, which both expose and question the existing economic structures. These artistic activities as, for example, the on-going project Guarana power, in which the artists developed a drink together with local farmers who cultivate the caffeine-rich berries of the guarana plant are not necessarily opposed to commercialism and globalisation, but try instead to render economic structures visible and to establish a new balance between producers and consumers. They describe their projects as tools. Assisted by experts who bring in their respective special interest, which can then be further utilized and modified by their users.

Supernova Group is an actionist and performance art group of artists, art critics, writers, designers and actors, a part of Supernova Film Union. Supernova was established in 1995 by Oleg Mavromatti. Since 2004 Supernova continues its existence as Ultrafuturo Group under a different manifesto. Ultrafuturo is founded by O. Mavromatti and Boryana Rossa.

Surveillance Camera Players: http://www.notbored.org/the-scp.html
Surveillance Camera Players, formed in Mew York City in November 1996. SCP protests against the use of surrveilance cameras in public places, holding that, cameras violate our constitutional rights. SCP conducts tours, and runs mapping projects.

Survival Research Laboratories was founded by Mark Pauline in November 1978. SRL operates as an organization of creative technicians dedicated to re-directing the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations in product and warfare. Since 1979, SRL has staged over 45 mechanized presentations in the United States and Europe. Each performance consists of a unique set of ritualized interactions between machines, robots, and special effects devices, employed in developing themes of sociopolitical satire. Humans are present only as audience or operators. http://srl.org/

http://www.swopnetwork.dk/ Swop projects is a platform for production and dissemination of materials and ideas surrounding contemporary political, economic and social debate. Their projects visualize and communicate models for economic systems that function as counterparts to the dominant monetary economy. Andrea Creutz and Lise Skou

Taller Popular de Serigrafia (no website in English at least-Maybe in Spanish?) The legendary Taller de Gráfica Popular (Popular Printmaking Workshop) is represented in the exhibition with an engraving by Leopoldo Méndez (1902–1969), one of its leading members. This post-Revolutionary collective produced politically motivated work that has continued to inspire activist art, including Argentina's present-day Taller Popular de Serigrafía (Popular Silkscreen Workshop). In both cases the nature of this activism has been centered on the conditions of laborers.

Tapioca (no website or info)

Taring Padi collective. When Taring Padi first formed in December 1998, the collective could have been mistaken for the cultural wing of the defunct Indonesian Communist Party. At the time, Taring Padi went by the title Institute of People-Oriented Culture, and released a cultural manifesto that outlined a platform it dubbed `The Five Cultural Evils': a rap on anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, anti-militarism, anti-feudalism and anti-elitism. Taring Padi was planned along the lines of a mock politburo and numerous other bureaus that tackled matters of pedagogy, dissemination, agitation, propaganda, ethical conduct, and housekeeping. They even appointed a Taring Padi `President', who was divested of any real power, and thus performed as a plesetan or parody of the long-standing Indonesian President Suharto who by popular demand had finally relinquished grip of his thirty-two year military reign in May 1998. (no website found)

Temporary Services is an artist collective of three people based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They have been collaborating on art projects, public events, publications, and exhibitions since 1998.
On their web site: "We champion public projects that are temporary, ephemeral, or that operate outside of conventional or officially sanctioned categories of public expression."
Temporary Services to not preference any type of activity or object as art, or any audience. They also work against the constructed link between aesthetics and ethics. They view art as activism, and carry on the traditions of situationism. (website correct)

Tercerunquinto (meaning in English something like ‘a third of a fifth’) is the collective project of Mexican artists Julio Castro Carreón, Gabriel Cázares Salas and Rolando Flores Tovar. Formed in 1996, the collective is responsible for dozens of actions designed, in their words, ‘to question the boundaries between private and public space, examining the organized frontiers around the constitution of such definitions’. In the past Tercerunquinto’s projects have taken the form of architectural or infrastructural interventions that aim to create or ‘amplify’ freedoms still present in an administrated and compromised reality.

Terraza Art Collective
Terraza is an art collective in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Terry plumbing (no info)

Tetra Pak (nada)

The Thing Collective http://thingcollective.com/
The Thing, INChttp://post.thing.net/

Tim Rollins and his Kids of Survival (KOS) are in high demand. The President's Inaugural Committee commissioned a poster commemorating the 52nd Presidential , and National Endowment for the Arts Chair Jane Alexander recently visited youth in their New York studio. Rollins' program is based on an intensive mentoring relationship with youth, particularly those with special-education needs. Through rigorous visual arts training, exhibitions and immersion in world art history, students prepare themselves for long-term involvement in the arts and education. (no website)

Time's Up - http://www.timesup.org

Laboratory for the construction of experimental situations.

Founded in 1996, Time's Up has its principal locus in the Linz harbour of Austria.

".... it takes all the running you can do, just to stay in place." - ´The Red Queen effect´

Time's Up believe that pop science will never satisfactorily explain the reactions of the individual to their dependence upon biomechanics, control, perception and their resulting chain reactions. Together with international specialists (artists, researchers, biomechanics, etc.) Time's Up produces situations that investigate the impact of these three factors upon the individual. They choose a form of situationist research, the re-appropriated term pseudo/science is carried as a tocsin to those who expect dullard institutionalization or foundationless fantasy.

TNWK’s work focusses on conversation and participation, to produce ‘portraits of value’ (exploring tensions between the societal, the communal and the political), using a diversity rather than a singularity of modes and media.

TNWK is a collaborative authorship of poetic and visual practices. Kirsten Lavers and cris cheek bring specialist histories in poetry, site-specific installation and situated cultural practice; their common grounds include performance, bookworks, photography, video and curatorial intervention.

TNWK refresh conventions around portraiture, in works that nod towards the eighteenth century conversation piece; small-scale group portraits of people sharing common activities. TNWK (an acronym drawn from early work made as Things Not Worth Keeping) re-locate the portrait as documenting neighborhoods of the everyday, the intersections between people, things, places and specific moments in time.

TNWK produce ‘objects’ that spark conversation about value.

TODT (Todt Gruppe??) No site or info

Toro Lab was established in 1995 as a socially engaged workshop commited to examining and evaluating the quality of life for residents of Tijuana and the trans-border region though a culture of ideologically advanced design. Their work encompasses fine art, architecture, clothing, music and graphic design.

Toy Shop Collective
http://visualresistance.org/photos/?s=toyshop (images)
Looks defunct website is no longer there

TRAM--Website in spanish

Transform Art Collective (this group is really Transmute see below)
Absolutely nothing both sites are defunkt


Intimate Transactions is inspired and directed by an examination of what Dr. Liz Baker calls ecological subjectivity; a sense of self that is intimately relational, embodied and embedded. Intimate Transactions is hence underpinned by ideas synthesized from theories of critical ecology, ecological subjectivities and the systemic flow of energy and matter within scientifically defined ecologies. It therefore questions how might principles of ecological science and philosophy lead to the evolution of new forms of process, practice and outcome in the media arts. These key ideas have long steered director Keith Armstrong's work.

To achieve this Intimate Transactions brings together, explores and dissects ideas and practices from the media arts, interactive design, performance, telematics, interactive sound-scape design, custom electronics, furniture design and alternate human-computer interfaces.

Triklops (Milwaukee artists Dustin Ruegger and Mike Kloss and Chicago artist Ron Ewert – all recent graduates from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design) is the surviving core of a larger collaborative group called “Dumbeyes” – a possible word play on both “demise” and “dumb ass.”
(no website)

Tucuman Arde (Tucuman is burning) are a group of avant-garde artists, formed in 1967, who hold a legendary status in Argentina for their pioneering attempts to create a counter-discourse in art. They aimed to dissolve barriers between artistic and political action and went to the troubled province of Tucuman to create an archive of images, interviews and other material which documented the crisis unfolding there: they were rewarded for their efforts by sharp police repression. Tucuman Arde disbanded in 1969 and Ex Argentina marks one of their first forays back into the process of making art after years of exile, obscurity and repression under the dictatorship.

Over 30 years since the original archive was created de Bruijne went to Tucuman and took a new series of photographs of the people there, some of whom he had already worked with in a previous project with cartoneros in Buenos Aires. De Bruijne’s 2005 photographs have an eerily similar feel to those taken in the 1960s, both emanate a powerful sense of radical humanism. The social conditions which are clearly apparent in both sets of photos confirms the message in a stencil which has appeared on the streets of Buenos Aries ‘Tucuman sague ardaeno’ ( Tucuman is still burning).

Turbulence is a project of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA). Now celebrating 12 years, Turbulence has commissioned over 150 works ($600,000) and exhibited and promoted artists' work through its Artists Studios, Guest Curator, and Spotlight sections. As networking technologies have developed wireless capabilities and become mobile, Turbulence has remained at the forefront of the field by commissioning, exhibiting, and archiving the new hybrid networked art forms that have emerged. Turbulence works have been included in the Whitney Museum of American Art's Biennial ('00, '02, '04), and its Bit Streams and Data Dynamics exhibitions; Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; C-Theory, Cornell University; Ars Electronica, Austria; International Festival of New Cinema and New Media, Montreal; European Media Arts Festival, Germany; and the Sundance Film Festival, among others.

UDfludgt-Test Piolots of stage art, is an ongoing excursions. A contsant testing-ground for the limits of assumed knowledge, with the involvement of the body, mind and hearts.

Our work is based on the nature of concoisness. We attempt to fearlessly stir up our habitual perceptions of ourselves and our surroundings.

UKK- Danish website--
Ultrafuturo--Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromatti, Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev (Bulgaria/Russia)

Ultra-Red http://www.ultrared.org/directory.html
Activist art has come to signify a particular emphasis on appropriated aesthetic forms whose political content does the work of both cultural analysis and cultural action. The art collaboration Ultra-red propose a political-aesthetic project that reverses this model. If we understand organizing as the formal practices that build relationships out of which people compose an analysis and strategic actions, how might art contribute to and challenge those very processes? How might those processes already constitute aesthetic forms?

In the worlds of sound art and modern electronic music, Ultra-red pursue a fragile but dynamic exchange between art and political organizing. Founded in 1994 by two AIDS activists, Ultra-red have over the years expanded to include artists, researchers and organisers from different social movements including the struggles of migration, anti-racism, participatory community development, and the politics of HIV/AIDS.

Collectively, the group have produced radio broadcasts, performances, recordings, installations, texts and public space occupations (ps/o). Exploring acoustic space as enunciative of social relations, Ultra-red take up the acoustic mapping of contested spaces and histories utilising sound-based research (termed Militant Sound Investigations) that directly engage the organizing and analyses of political struggles.

Ultra-red's ten associates in North America and Europe work within a variety of ambiences conducting Militant Sound Investigations of the spaces of needle exchange (Soundtrax, 1992 - 1996), public sex (Second Nature, 1995 - 1998), public housing (Structural Adjustments, 1997 - 2003), resistance to global capital (Value System, 1998 - 2003), labor (Social Factory, 1997 - 2002), education (School of Echoes, 2001 - Present), anti-racism and migration struggles (Surveying The Future, 2001 - Present), and HIV/AIDS (SILENT|LISTEN, 2005 - Present). The group also runs the fair-use online record label, Public Record.

For more information, contact the Ultra-red Information Secretary at info@ultrared.org

United Net-Works
United Net-Works Agency offers consultation to artists, museums, galleries, curators and agencies who seek to make contact with artists and their work for special projects and exhibitions.

Tel: +46 (0)701 10 62 69
E-mail: office@unitednet-works.org

UnionDocs is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit documentary arts collaborative and presentation space. Currently, our primary program is The Documentary Bodega Series, featuring new and challenging documentary film and audio works every Sunday evening in our Brooklyn screening external image arrow-10x10.png. The series is produced by the Resident Curators of UDRP, the UnionDocs Residency Program for Documentary & Media Studies. We also produce a podcast and blog, featuring short media pieces inspired by discussions at the Documentary Bodega and beyond.

Our previous projects have varied in form - we’ve worked in video, sound, text, live performance, music and photography, both independently and in combination, online and off. Though our interests and work expands beyond what can easily be called ‘documentary,’ we use the term because it implies an approach that is engaged with the subject of reality.

urbanart is a non profit association

urbanart is an artist initiative, based in Melbourne, Australia, which has a global focus on urban space and the relationship of contemporary art and ideas to cultural identity. urbanart public projects create dialogues by establishing spaces for cultural translation amongst artists and between artists and the public.

artist members of urbanart are
Maggie McCormick
Claudia-Maria Luenig
Gaby Bila-Günther
Elisabeth Weissensteiner

Union Media Servies
But Burn had an artistic career both before and after this period. Before, his work evolved from early traditional landscapes and self-portraits into increasingly abstract and, beginning in 1965, Minimalist paintings. These led to Conceptual art works and installations which then motivated his participation in the Art & Language group. After Art & Language disbanded, he seemed to disappear from the international scene. In fact he returned to Australia in 1977 to work for the Australian labor movement through a small company, Union Media Services. There he organized cultural programming for trade union members, curated exhibitions of their art work and wrote related essays and commentaries. He published articles on Anglo-Australian landscape painting and on Albert Namatjira, an Aboriginal artist of the Aranda (Arrernte) tribe. In addition, Ian was well known as a careful and demanding writer on and curator of contemporary art, and he served as unofficial advisor to several dissertations in esthetics and art history at Australian universities.

This ring contains sites focusing on the art of urban exploration: touring storm drains, abandoned buildings, rooftops, transit tunnels, college steam tunnels, old ruins, and other off-limits locations.
example: Telefunker _ urban exploration - Urban exploration in Belgium.
Urban Art Group (Melbourne, Australia) -- http://click here

Urban exploration ring - http://E.webring.com/hub?ring=draining

V2 (Rotterdam, Netherlands) - http://www.V2.nl/
V3TO - Copenhagen, Denmark
Value - Zurich, Switzerland; www.value-konzepte.ch
Verybusy - http://www.verybusy.org
Videofreex -
Video Machete - Chicago, IL; www.videomachete.org
Videotage - external image arrow-10x10.png, China; www.videotage.org.hk
Viennese Lounge - Vienna, Austria
Visible Collective - Various locations; www.disappearedinamerica.org
Viva Laura Pérez (Tucumán, Argentina)- NKW
Viva Laura Pérez - NKW

Voina -- Radical street performance group in St. Petersburg; many members have been jailed (2010-11); saw them present at Creative Time Summit #3 in NYC Sept '11; exciting work.
Volatile Works - Montreal, Quebec; www.volatileworks.org
VSSD (1980s) - Ljubljana, Slovenia
VVVV - various cities in Austria and Germany; www.vvvv.org

WAAG Society (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - http://www.waag.org
Chto Delat/What is to be done? - St. Petersburg, Russia; www.chtodelat.org
Weekend Art (1990s) - Zagreb, Croatia
Western Front (Vancouver, Canada) -- http://www.front.bc.ca/
WHW (What?, How? & for Whom?) Curatorial Collective - Zagreb, Croatia; www.mi2.hr/whw
WochenKlausur - Vienna, Austria; www.wochenklausur.at
Women Artists in Revolution (WAR) (*Splinter group of Art Workers' Coalition) - NY, NY
Women Down the Pub (Kvinder på Værtshus) – Copenhagen, Denmark; www.udsigt.info/kpv.html
Wooster Collective (NYC, NY) - http://www.woostercollective.com
WorkGroup - Dublin, Ireland and London, England

Xurban - NY, NY and Istanbul, Turkey; www.xurban.net

Ydre Nørrebro Kultur Bureau (Copenhagen, Denmark)- http://www.ynkb.dk/
The Yes Men - http://www.theyesmen.org/
Yixiangju Art Group - China
YNKB - Copenhagen, Denmark; www.ynkb.dk
Yomango - Various locations; www.yomango.net
Your Art Here - Bloomington, IN; yourarthere.orgTop of Royal1688 page

Zaj Group (Grupo Saz; Madrid, Spain) -- Group formed in the 1960s, inspired by John Cage. Made performances and festivals, often with Fluxus artists, throughout the 1960s and '70s.General overview: http://www.ubu.com/historical/zaj/index.html
Interview with member Walter Marchetti about the group: http://www.metamute.org/en/node/5859