Alan W. Moore's external image arrow-10x10.png "Art Gangs: Protest and Counterculture in New York" comes out from Autonomedia in 2011.
Here is a long synopsis of "Art Gangs"

Artist Collectives: History, Organization, and Politics
materials for the PhD Workshop at the University of Essex / London :: September 26-27, 2013
This is the most active part of this wiki, and will be updated throughout the coming months.

ABC No Rio external image arrow-10x10.png (1985) has been put online with lots of color and new content; a virtual 2nd edition -- thanks, Marc Miller and Ephemera Press!

A webliography and summaries in Spanish from the October 2013 Creative Time Summit have been added here.

This list of artists' initiatives was assembled in 2009 by the Subvision organizers. The much-maligned Hamburg festival included 31 of them. (They are described in more detail in a separate area.) The links up top mostly don't work, but the whole list seems to be there.
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About the collectiva project in the January 2008 seminar at USF-Tampa
Integrated list of contemporary world artists' collectives.
The above list prepared in 2008 combines the C.Cred/16Beaver list of '05 'with the Temporary Services list of '06. Temporary Services gave their listing project to Basekamp and Institute for Applied Aesthetics; it is now at:
You can add your own space to their useful website... Get a "library card" today!

"Nobody Remembers Everything" timeline by Vince Leo is also on Greg Sholette's site Dark Matter -- it spans the last century, through 1992. "Dark Matter" contains many other useful links and external image arrow-10x10.png, and is continually being updated (10/13).

"House Magic" ABC No Rio exhibition on the social center movement in European cities -- 5 zines since Spring '09.
While this is not about artists' collectivity, it is an extension of Alan W. Moore's research.

Need a reading list, eh? This is a very large bibliography from the mid-00's, with many texts by, and touching upon, artists' collectives.