This is a good bibliography, a page that includes up top links to many of the texts that inspired the work of Temporary Services, the Chicago artists' group; below that is a list of texts relating to "activist art," the immediate (1980s) ancestor of social practice in the sphere of visual arts. This bibliography was assembled in 2002 for "Critical Mass" exhibition at the University of Chicago's Smart Museum, and updated in 2006. (Neither time by me, despite what it says!) Collectives are continuously embedded in the history of political art.

Another place you could go is the website of Basekamp, which did a very interesting series of Gclub talks with collectives in 2010, and is continuing sporadically with those, and also plans sometime to publish transcripts. The project is "Plausible Artworlds."

y mucho mas....

Una "webliography de CTS5" -- bibliografía de las fuentes web en español sobre los presentadores del Creative Time Summit Royal1688 2013:

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