This Webliography accompanies my review of “Specters of Artaud” at the Reina Sofia Museum, Fall of 2012, posted at as “A Scream is Named: Excursions in Artaudian Culture.” I post it here because much of it relates to Lettrism (and so I can use the wiki's coding engine!).

Isidore Isou, “Traité de Bave et d'Èternité” (Venom and Eternity, 1951), 1 hour 18 minutes

("J'interroge et j'invective", poéme de François Dufrene, is dedicated to Artaud...
curiously, it is subtitled -- cut out of "Venom" – )

Maurice Lemaitre, “Le film est déjà commencé?” (Has the Film Already Started?, 1951)

YouTube – "Orson Welles Interview - featuring Isidore Isou Lettrism" (1955; 2'25")
curious; with French subtitles; Orson Welles interviews the Romanian poet living in Paris featuring Isidore Isou Lettrism, important movement of sound poetry. Excerpt from the documentary film "Around the World with Orson Welles" St. Germain des Pres (1955). This features a short reading, and explanations.

Youtube, "Edgard Varese – Ionisation" (5:14)
Ionisation for 13 percussion players (1929–1931); written before his 1933 collaboration with Artaud; Artaud's libretto Il n’y a plus de firmament, but the work was never completed by Varese.

YouTube, "Edgard Varèse, Ecuatorial" (12'11")
Ecuatorial for bass voice (or unison male chorus), brass, organ, percussion and theremins
written after the period of collaboration (1932–1934)

Antonin Artaud (1896-1948)
“Pour finir avec le jugement de dieu” (1947); the tapes of the banned radio broadcast (they are mounted in discrete segments, not continuous)

Isidore Isou: Symphonie n°1 : La Guerre (1947), 13:29
and at:,511.html

François Dufrêne: Crirythme pour Bob Cobbing (1958)
part of Concrete Poetry exhibition (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1970) at:

radio documentary: “Wolman, Lettrism, Sound Poetry and Beyond” (in English)
Radio Web MACBA podcast discussing the link between Lettrism, sound poetry, and the work of some isolated but fundamental figures; includes numerous excerpts of recorded 'readings'/performances. 45 minutes. (2005?)


Antonin Artaud
translation of the text: To Have Done with the Judgement of God, a radio play by Antonin Artaud
translated from the French, Oeuvres complètes, by Helen Weaver

Gil J. Wolman
the narration for “The Anticoncept: Cinematochronic Argument For A Physical Phase of the Arts” by Wolman. Translated from the French by Keith Sanborn. An imageless film, “The Anticoncept” was first screened on 11 February 1952 at the cinema club "Avant-Garde 52," where it was projected upon a large white weather balloon.
this text is helpful in trying to make sense of Brazilian concrete poetry...

“The Noigandres Poets and Concrete Art,” by Claus Clüver of Indiana University

The story of Dr. Ferdière; Yale University's Beinecke Library show list

“The Secret Art of Antonin Artaud,” by Jacques Derrida and Paule Thýývenin; translated by Mary Ann Caws PDF